Friday, March 31, 2017

Adepticon 2017 Recap

Back home again in Indiana, and back to work!  This year's Adepticon was, as always, better than the last.  Sounds cliche, but trying new things and refining what I do, it is true.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Saim Hann Adepticon 2017 Charity Raffle Army

Hey out there. I am back with this year's Adepticon charity raffle army, and this time it is Saim Hann. If you will be at Adepticon next week, be sure to pick up some raffle tickets to try and win. For two good causes - Disabled American Veterans, and the W.D Boyce Boyscout Council. Last year the army raised into the five digits and hopefully we can do that again. 

As for Adepticon itself, I hope to post something when I get there with more information, but for now I will be in booth 57 in the vendor hall all weekend, so by all means stop by and say hello! Plans for the booth are pretty fun, with a little reunion tour of a few of the big displays and a couple other things. 

Until then, safe travels to all of you going, looking forward to another fun weekend.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Once Upon A Time in the Wyrd - A Malifaux Gang

Why howdy par'ners!

It's been two shakes of a rattler's tail and I'm back with a new project, and a whole mess o' varmints, outlaws, and weirdos.  This sleepy little mountain town litr'y ain't big enough for all of 'em. Tarnation, etc.

Little bit of Mailifaux with a western vibe, mixed with the dark and spooky flavor the game is known for.  Another set of models with a lot of variety, each little subsection painted separately but using a rough chunk of the same core colors.  

The block of skirmish games is over for just a minute, on to a big Orruk army and then some Eldar.  See ya then, cowpoke.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Infinity: PanOceania

Another Infinity army, this time PanOceana. A bit different from the norm, rather than using a predominant color with secondaries such as with a Marine army, it has many complimentary colors balanced across each unit and tied together with their placement and primary shading colors. Somewhat similar both in color and concept to the Covenant in Halo - different units in both form and uniform.  

Fun to be able to flex my color muscle a bit, as it required painting each small batch separately, but advancing them all at the same rate to ensure balance.  A real pleasure and one I am glad rolled through.

Lot's of skirmish games around here lately by coincidence.  That's going to continue for one more project, to the Wild West of the Malifaux universe.  See you then.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hotline Heresy - A Grey Knights Army



Fade from black to skyline shot of hive city at night.  Storm rages behind neon urban sprawl.  A thunder clap followed by purple lightning striking a tower. Camera pans down to street level.  Group of Grey Knights led by our hero KALDOR DRAIGO walks down main drag.  Loud sound of marching ceramite boots builds. Halts. Panning shot of Terminators.  Acid rains peppers their armor, streaking in neon pink bolts before fading.  A lighting flash illuminates.

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 In Review

It's that time again, another year of projects down and time to look back. Always a bit surreal to stop and remember what the schedule looked like on January 1st.  Each one a little flicker of imagination, each one coming to life through the year. They grow up so fast, but wouldn't want it any other way.

To all of you reading this, thank you very much for being around.  Your support and enjoyment of my work always means a great deal, and is one reward I get excited about through the late nights of a project.

To those who's projects are featured in this recap, a special thank you goes out for your trust and opportunity to make these ideas reality.  You give me the mental fire to run the gauntlet every day, every week of the year.

The opportunity to paint these sorts of projects, and as often as I do is only thanks to you.

Happy Holidays, happy new year, and thank you.  See you in '17.

- Brandon

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Infinity: Aleph

Hello everyone.  I'm back with another - this time some Aleph for Infinity. A little break from 40k for a minute, with some quite nice sculpts and enjoyable to get some use out of the city again.

The client requested a scheme similar to Ghost in the Shell with it's white and black with military green over pale flesh tone, adding in a bit of red glow.  Quite an appropriate range for it, and had fun making a few adjustments to the color placement to give it a little more GitS flavor.

Looking forward to some more Infinity projects in the future!  Up next I am going back to the 40k universe for some Grey Knight Paladins.  See you then,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wrath of the Khan - White Scars Army

Hello out there.  I am back with another project - this time some White Scars!

This project originally started as a traditional Scars bike army.  Over time the client asked about adding some flavor, and after discussing it back and forth came up with what is before you today.  Something of a Space Wolf version of White Scars; bikers that are a bit feral and live on their bikes on some plateau planet.  Mongols in space.  

Throw in a palette throwback to Frazetta Conan paintings with orange and blue tones, a ton of conversion and bits and you have King Khan on his throne bike and some mean hunters on 41st century horseback.

Both very happy with what is a relatively common army turned into something very unique. 

Have a dream army you have wanted to make reality? Get in touch.

See you next time! 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Sistine Sisters - Freehand Warlord and Reaver

Hello everyone, I am back with another project, and it's a big one! A Warlord and Reaver, decked out in freehand and marble.

This project started as a rough idea of something for the glory of the Imperium, a set of parade Titans in gratuitous celebration of deeds and characters of all sort from across the universe.  The customer's base request was a walking Sistine Chapel, kicked up a bit over the top to blend in with the 40k universe.

To begin he sent me a massive folder of all of his favorite images he had collected from the 40k background.  I then went over all of them and began to compose them across the panels of the Titans.  It was important to him I kept to the general original look of the art, so instead of tweaking them, the existing colors and composition of each artwork was arranged to match the placement of the panels themselves with an overall eye to color from panel to panel. 

The marble was a natural choice to fit the aesthetic of a chapel, and much better than any single solid color for any panels too complicated for freehand to look right from all but one angle.  Once this was figured out, it was a matter of finding a style to balance the freehand and marble to the eye overall, then it was off to the races.

All important parts are heavy magged, with swappable weapons.  Head, torso, weapons, wrists, and more on each are magnetized and separate and articulate. Any point that would take one, has a large roofing nail acting as a massive pin.

The bases are 3/4" cut plywood, then sculpted over with clay for a crumbling tile look.  The Tians attach to the bases with heavy 3.5" deck screws counter sunk into the bottom of the bases, so they are removable.  The pictures are deceptive, the Warlord titan base is a good 2-3" thick in the tallest bits.  The models present on the bases are painted to match the customer's Imperial Guard army that these will be fighting alongside.  These models were actually a surprise for him, and the tanks removable for play.  Funny a Macharius is a very exciting model, but by the end by comparison it was the least of surprises.

Well that about wraps this one up!  See you next time,

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Big One

If you've been around for more than a minute, you know I have some big armies roll through here.  This one is about to break a few records.  This Ultramarine army will be so big, it's the first time a project has had "assembly" be it's own scheduled spot in the calendar. This army has more Drop Pods, Land Raiders, and Super Heavies each, than most armies have individual units!

To budget the army, the customer has put forward I do each subsection in scheduled groups a couple a year and been so kind as to allow me to hang onto them, for one insanely huge post at the very end.  Looking forward to painting some Ultras, and some really great updates in the next couple years.

Next project is a Warlord Titan with some very special paint, so keep an eye out and see you then!

Friday, September 23, 2016

For the Motherland: A Khador Warband

What's that noise? Straight out of her icy fortress, it's Sorscha and friends! Brand new Khador army commission and a with a little bit of everything big and small.  

After this summer of blue projects a Khador army was a nice change of pace, and I love painting red.  A nice variety of models in size and sculpt as well, with the solos blended in with the traditional scheme making the whole thing wrap together nicely in the overall.

Enjoy and until next time,

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tau Invasion - Part Two

The sequel to last summer's big hit - Tau Invasion is here, with more suits, more big toys and a brand new setting.  Action, drama, communism - a film for the whole family.  Can the Tau cleanse a rundown shipyard of human corruption and crime?  They're the protagonists so you know they will.  Ebert posthumously states "a groundbreaking new standard in cheesy action. Samurai Cop is no longer my favorite movie." Thanks.

Anyway.  Round two of a set of Tau I did last summer in blue and grey. The last set was the essentials, so this one is all of the new releases and some more really big kits.  All really nice models that painted up well, especially the big guy.  A new custom Farsight made up of a few kits, and scratch built basing.  I have fun painting anything, but the square panels of Tau are always extra enjoyable and get along well with my style of hand shading and highlighting.

The backdrop is a new addition to my now overflowing photo room.  A shipyard is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and earlier this summer got with Alex of Ironheart who laser cut my designs for the big buildings.  The entire thing is about 6x4' and wood framed for wall mounting.  The big buildings are sunk into the concrete pad and roofs removable.  Will be doing a set on the making of it as well.

Up next, a Warlord covered in freehand!  "Blue summer" is over but work is always in a state of just getting started.  See you again soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

High Elves of Caledor

Blue summer continues with some High Elves of Caledor.  The customer wanted a balance of traditional Dragon Prince scheme mixed with a few Lord of the Rings influences such as Dol Amroth which you will see in the uses of darker gray and whites.  The Sea Guard were, as a lover of all things nautical, a set of models I had wanted to paint for a long time and the sea green addition turned out to be a nice touch to set them apart that doesn't pull them out of the army.

Up next - a new photo backdrop I have been excited to start all summer, and more blue and grey Tau to go on top of them.  Stay tuned as this will be the best one yet and lots of build images will be posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Until next time,

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mantic: New Empire of Dust Army

The latest addition to the gallery, the official Empire of Dust army for Mantic, which will be releasing for purchase soon.  Some nice models and good options for anyone wanting this style of fantasy army.  

New backdrop as well.  Needed something with a tomb theme and it will surely find plenty of use in the future as well.  Loving the box frame base for these as I am gathering so many they have to be hung from the wall.  In the future will do a write up on it's building.

Up next a High Elf army, then straight into some Tau.  As the Royalettes said it's gonna be a blue, blue summer! Looking forward to it, and thanks for dropping in.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Heresy-Era Iron Hands: Clan Company Lachesis

Another one down, for the glory of the Emperor. Heresy-era Iron Hands with a Greek twist. This army was really something special, from pulling in the background written by the client, to modelling the great preheresy armor, to the custom terrain to compliment the army in photos.  A real adventure and a little sad the ride is over, but it feels good to see the finished result, send out fresh pictures, and celebrate a bit.

With that, see you soon with some behind the scenes of making the terrain, some new backdrops I am working on, and of course armies as far as the eye can see!  This is going to be a great summer.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Golden Throne Recap

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With the spirit of Adepticon still lingering, and a bit of downtime with the new army and terrain in the works, over the next couple of weeks I will be doing a recap of the Golden Throne with old WIP photos next to finished, and some in depth thought process analysis I haven't spoken on much before.

Also last month recapped the Marienburger build, which you can find further back in the feed. These are a lot of fun and if you're interested in thoughts, WIPs and finished pictures in a quickly digestible format, check it out as well.

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Showcase - Adepticon 2016 Charity Raffle Army - Admech

The 2016 Adepticon charity raffle army is ready to roll out to one lucky winner!  Reminder to win the army, one needs to attend Adepticon and purchase raffle tickets.  All proceeds this year are split between two great causes, Disabled American Veterans and W.D. Boyce Council of Illinois.  

I am very happy with my decision this year to skip the personal display and focus all of my time and energy in the charity army.  All the fun I usually have this time of year and a little extra goodness in being able to help a good cause.  As I stated in the WIP posts, this will be my ninth year at Adepticon and it was an honor to make an Adepticon themed display for my favorite Con that will be a sort of mascot for this and future charity raffle armies.

Not only that but it allowed me to work more closely with Alex Landing of Ironheart Artisans.  Usually go these things alone, so it was nice to have his input and work in what proved to be a very great team.  The merging of laser design, modelling and painting and working that line of blending them together, making the best of both and better than the sum of each half's parts was a new and successful effort that was very rewarding.  I see a lot in store in the future for the both of us working together, and this is certainly just the tip of the iceberg in big and over the top displays.  Thank you Alex.

The painting of the army went very smooth, and in keeping with "Adepticon" it is Admech in red.  A brighter red, weathering and character went a long way to make an army full of life. When time is put into the basics, bells and whistles aren't required and make for a classy and traditional army.

Thank you to everyone involved - Greg Sparks, Hank Edley, the rest of the Adepticon team, Chaos Mail Order, Alex Landing, and Games Workshop themselves for donating the Forge World items.  

Now go buy tickets!

Friday, March 18, 2016

WIP - Adepticon Charity Raffle Army Display Pt 2

Making good progress on the display to hold the Adepticon charity raffle army! Just a few more touches, some small objects, and it is back to the army to finish up and photograph. I consider Adepticon my "home con" and this will be my 9th year, so it feels really good to make a mascot display for this and future charity armies. 
Again a big thank you to Alex of Ironheart Artisans for designing all the laser cut elements. He is amazing!
Up next, the full raffle prize army photography on the display. Time to get some matching basing.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

WIP - Adepticon Charity Raffle Army Display Pt 1

Work begins on the display for the Adepticon charity army raffle.  A big thanks to Alex Landing at Ironheart Artisans for all the laser design and cutting.  He is a mad genius of mdf!  More updates as the convention draws closer.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

29 Imperial Knights Pt 5 - House Aeschylid

Time for part five, some purple and white Knights themed around Greek mythology and a big upcoming Sons of Medusa preheresy army with similar themes.  The freehand on these was a much different beast from the more painterly style freehand of the Samurai Knights.

Back to work on the Adepticon charity raffle army and it's massive display.  Until then,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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Thanks, and see you soon with the Adepticon charity raffle army. Lots of models and a huge display!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

29 Imperial Knights Pt 4 - Rebel Admech In Depth

Time for part four of this recap of the 29 Knights project, and this one is the biggest.  Individual photos of all 14 Rebel AdMech Knights, and plenty to flip through.   Nine Forge World Knights, five Games Workshop, with lots of individuality and conversion.  Each knight is pinned throughout in posing with 2mm brass rod atop hand-made bases Every part and panel hand painted.
Lots going on behind the scenes in the meantime - the Adepticon  charity army and a huge Iron Hands preheresy army with a Greek theme.  Will post as I finish, so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just Another Day at the Office....

Finishing a project and sending off great pictures is one of my favorite things, but another often unsung and unseen is the very next day getting knee deep in another one.  As a commission painter, I am very lucky to have so many customers trust to just send whatever they like to be sorted into their own personal bins until project start.  When the time comes, it's like Christmas - ripping open and oogling boxes and baggies.  Taking my lists and checking them twice.

In keeping things professional there isn't much shown of the behind the scenes here.  It's really just a couple a couple very optimized bedrooms and a garage, and so many armies in storage and in the queue they have taken over an old bathroom.  So I wanted to take a moment away from all the fancy pictures to say thanks to all of my clients who trust in not just my painting ability, but myself as a person.

Thank you.  Now back to work!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

29 Imperial Knights Pt 3 - Rebel Admech Overview

Time for the second batch of Knights from the set, and this one is the biggest - 14 Imperial Knights, just short of half. 5 GW Knights in mix of Paladin and Warden, and 9 Forge World Knights also with a mix of each type. These Knights will compliment a future army, and the client was after a dark rebel Admech army in black and red. Using a smoky black and deep red with brass, the final look is something straight out of a steampunk Victorian dystopia. Not quite chaos, but a rebel group of Admech on Mars. Emblems based on a cracked cog of the Mechanicum and a black sun.
All bases handmade and Knights pinned throughout. Each Knight individually posed with the addition of a ver conversions and dynamic poses with Death Korps models.

See you next time for all the close ups!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

29 Imperial Knights - Pt 2 - House Terryn

With the overview posted, time to go into each individual set of Knights.  First is batch one of two House Terryn.  These feature the upgrade kits, couple of Forge World Knights and Dragon Forge bases.  Lots of freehand alongside a smooth shade of blue - all shading, blended highlighting and weathering hand painted over solid basecoats.  The Acheron is a gifted Knight from the Mechanicum, blending the iconography of both together.

The most traditional and "standard" of the set, for the anti-heretical out there.  Very proud of the reds and blues on these and the weathering within them.  Very tedious but worth every hour.

That's a lot of Knights but still only 5 of 29!  See you next time for more.

Monday, February 8, 2016

29 Imperial Knights - Pt.1 - Overview

Four different schemes, five different clients, one massive update to kick off 2016.  One of the biggest projects I have ever done and it feels good to get them posted! It would be a shame to post all 200 images and all groups at once and drown any one out, so here is an overview of the project and a few teaser images of the individual groups.  Over the course of the next few weeks each group will be posted individually, which consist of:

Terryn 1 (5) - Traditional Terryn heraldry with a gifted Archon from the Mechanicum.
Terryn 2 (3) - Terryn with a twist in the heraldry.
Rebel Admech (14) - A dark version of traditional Admech
House Aeschylid - Unique purple and white house to accompany a future Sons of Medusa army.
House Yakuza - Koi, Samurai, and Sakura Knight.  A fun and off the wall exercise in blending Imperial and Japanese inspiration.

Plenty for everyone, from the traditional Terryn to the wild Yakuza knights. All blended by hand over solid basecoat, giving a realistic, deep and smooth finish.  Bases built out of clay for the most part.  All resin pinned with 2mm brass rod, and long torso rods for transport.  Quite a few conversions and lots of posing work as well.

Want in on group projects in the future?  Sign up for the mailing list for specials and regular news:

Thanks to all clients involved for being a part, and coming along for the ride.  Sad it's over, but there's always more to paint.  Back to work!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - A Year In Review

2015 is a wrap and with that comes the yearly tradition of recapping all the projects I have completed through the course of the year.  Modelling and painting are my life, but the last days of a project, photography and sending the finished images to the client, are an exhilarating cherry on top of what is always a long labor of love.  It is a shame that in today's fast paced world that moment is always fleeting, so these yearly collections are a great excuse to go back and remember the fun that was had and for some of you possibly catch something you may have missed.

This year was especially packed with projects, each one as unique as the last.  2016's schedule is looking equally as promising, so happy new year and see you on the other side!

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Thunderbelch Tribe - Ogre Kingdoms Army

I have returned from a long journey to the frozen north, and brought back for your viewing pleasure a massive Ogre army with an icy theme.  The paint scheme for this army was very particular, and a fun challenge, based on the client's taste in older fantasy art and specific tastes in color.  I have painted so many armies now that it is second nature, painting is it seems my natural resting state, so the added mental exercise of the original and unique armies that have been coming through are a lot of fun and add another layer of enjoyment to the process.  I feel I nailed his original mental vision without a doubt, and that is as rewarding as actually finishing such a large army.

Great things are in store for the rest of the year and 2016.  Up next is a project of 28 Imperial Knights in one go, and of course the new year and the wrap up of 2015, with a look back at this year's projects.  Until then have a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, October 12, 2015


In the fresh brightness of the near future, someone is going to be playing Space Hulk!  This is the fourth commission set I have done over the years, and always enjoy the challenge of matching them to the box art.  The bases as usual are Dragonforge Tech Deck bases integrated in with the original bases using plastic stock.  They always add a little more professional look than the stock bases.

Want a similar Space Hulk set, or have your heart set on a Blood Angel or 'Nid army?  You are in the right place, so drop me a line.  Until next time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wrath of Kings House Goritsi

"It is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles; and yet when King Laugh come he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the churchyard, and tears that burn as they fall -- all dance together to the music that he make with that smileless mouth of him.”
 - Dracula

Another project under wraps - Wrath of Kings House Goritsi for Cool Mini or Not, coming to a demo table near you. The variety of projects that come through here is something very appreciated.  Going from a large uniform army, to a project like this where each unit is unique and must be painted separately, is an enjoyable back and forth of painting process.

Special thanks to Alex Landing of Ironheart Artisans for laser cutting the large church windows.  The backdrop is overall, and not fully pictured, a full 6x4x3.  It's full size will be apparent in an upcoming massive project that prompted it's creation, but the timing of finish and theme was perfect for this army.

See you next time!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Deadpool Army - Themed Imperial Guard Elysians

"Chimichanga, chimichanga, chimichanga!"

My latest army commission - a Deadpool theme Elysian army with custom backdrop.  "The Goon Army" of toadies and foot soldiers ready to do the dirty work when Deadpool is busy making tacos.

Much careful thought and time were put into research and creating the personality of the army and display.  The process was a blast and an extra treat on top of what was already a great group of models and scheme.

Interested in a uniquely themed army?  You are in the right place, so drop me a line!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Spirit of Orboros" Clash for a Cure Charity Army

From deep in the woods somewhere in Indiana, I have returned with a Hordes army for this year's Clash for a Cure.  

Clash is a large independent Warmahordes tournament the weekend of September 18th in Killeen, Texas raising money for the American Cancer Society.  This display and army will be a raffle prize, all proceeds going to the charity.  To get directions and register:

The display is made from a working fountain, heavily reworked with clay and other materials to represent the magical and ancient forests the vengeful forces of Orboros dwell in.  The original shape was heavily built up to represent terrain in miniature scale, as well as to change the water flow to allow for display of models.

Most importantly, go to the event and buy tickets!  You could win this display as well be supporting a great cause.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gencon 2015 Aftermath

Gencon 2015 was even better than the last.  Thanks first of all to Cool Mini for having me there.  I like to think of them all as close friends now, and I always look forward to spending time with all of them, both at the booth and trolling around town at 4 am. I made a lot of memories this year, most of which I owe to my friends at CMoN.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rum and Bones Official Display for Gencon 2015/CMoN

Hot out of the galley, here is the official display/demo table for Rum and Bones, a board game of ship to ship combat by CoolMiniorNot for Gencon 2015 in Indianapolis.

The display is built from an old trunk, inside of which a second 5" deep tray holds the three gallons of clear resin and two boats.  The ships are 100% scratch built from foam, clay, plastic stock, and a few animal bones.  The surface is 1:1 the scale of the game boards, and fully playable.

The display collapses fully.  Tray sinks into box, sails remove, and all goes within the box, lid returned to it's proper place.

Going to Gencon?  Stop by and say hello.  I will be there all weekend helping to demo the game and chit-chatting my voice away as usual. 

Monday, July 6, 2015


Several massive projects in the works, here, there and generally taking over the place as they do in summertime. Unusual for me to go more than a few weeks without an update, so here are some pretty pictures of a couple recent commissions going at it for the time being.  

Also need to officially announce I will be at Gencon 2015 in Indianapolis!  At the Cool Mini booth again, I am working on a display similar to the Marienburger for their new Rum and Bones board game being released at the event.  As always come and say hello if you are going!

Until next time,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lizardmen Dread Saurian

A lizard to defy physics, this Dread Saurian was painted to match the client's taste in real lizards  - a shimmering, polychromatic predator going from teal blue to yellow.  Quite a challenging model to paint due to size and the sheer number of scales, but what fun would it be if it were easy.

Up next - finishing the Deadpool army, two new terrain photo booths (images coming soon) and plenty beyond.  See you then.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Legion of the Damned and Company

An army of Legion of the Damned and a custom chapter, the blue portion of this army was used for the Adepticon team tournament, then the Legion sent to me after the convention. The teal works well contrasted with the orange-gold not only on the solid marines, but as an accent on the Legion.  Having not seen many Legion alternatives, doing something slightly different was very appealing. While the standard scheme of red flames will always be the go-to, this is a solid alternative that stands well on it's own, even without the teal marines they were to blend in with.  

Up next - work in earnest on the Deadpool Imperial Guard army, a Dread Suarian, and two new photography backdrops. Both based on video game level design - one Overpass from Counter Strike, the other Bloodborne with some absolutely insane Gothic windows by Ironheart Artisans, both in size and complexity.  Summer is here and that means sunshine and big projects outdoors.  See you then.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Northern Exposure

Frazetta is a huge influence on how I paint Fantasy models.  My Aunt who was an amazing oil painter, collected fantasy art books and Calandars en masse, the latter of which many are hanging in my paint room today. They often solve an artistic block with a quick glance over my shoulder. "Oh, right, that's the color I was looking for."

So when this client showed me this list of big gribbly monsters and told me to go wild, that is what I did, drawing in all I have learned about that vibrant style and my practice from past armies such as the Adepticon Fantasy throne army.  Add in some hand made over-the-top bases, and you've got a force straight off a fantasy epic book cover.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Break

Spring is finally here in Indiana.  That means getting out and revisiting some regular warm weather spots, and catching up with friends.  First, a visit to my favorite local antique shop The Warehouse.  A great place I try and visit as often as possible for display parts and ideas.  I tend to hibernate during the Adepticon season so I had not seen Jeff since building the Golden Throne, which had a few parts I bought from his shop.  Lot's of good stuff, but that's to be expected. Potential Miss Adepticon 2016?  Possibly!  If you are ever around Bloomington be sure to visit both of his locations.

Second, spring means I can finally get back in the woods and the lake about 30 minutes behind the house.  Good exercise over southern Indiana terrain, and the view is very good to see again.  Double duty this trip, as I am scouting for a specific spot to take pictures of two displays coming up this year that will match the surroundings.  One for a client and one for Clash for the Cure.  It will be a hike to get them out here once made, but definitely worth it!

Back to work.  Several smaller projects coming up quickly, then a massive Deadpool themed army.  See you then!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tau Invasion!

Good afternoon, friends. Here is an army commission I just finished for your viewing pleasure.  This time a Tau infantry force with a little bit of everything; lots of Forge World and suit conversions are included.  The scheme is simple but powerful, with the contrast between the blue and the basing as well as the multiple brown natural tones hand shaded into all of the grey.

Very happy with how these turned out, continuing the effort to push the bleeding edge of my own skill with each new army. Already excited for the next one, and if you are interested in reaching out for an army project just drop me a line!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Adepticon Charity Army - Rebel Sanctuary

"You would prefer another target? Then name the system! I grow tired of asking this so it will be the last time: *Where* is the rebel base?" - Rogal Dorn interrogates an Emperors Children prisoner.

This year's Adepticon charity army had some hiccups with logistics.  I received the army in time to get it painted to what I would be happy to photograph, but the donator of the checker cutting board was not able to get it to me until actually at the con.  Luckily, the winner was very kind to allow me to take the army home, give the army itself about a week's more brush time, and build the display board and bases I had originally envisioned.  

The display is heavily influenced by Yavin 4, the moon base of the rebel forces in A New Hope.  There was always something additionally endearing about the valiant Rebel army holding up in this ancient ruin, beautiful but in decay, more so than any other location direction-wise would provide.  Throwing Fulgrim and companies' background of the pretty but tragic on top seemed natural, no pun intended.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Radiant Child - Legendary Reaver Titan

This is a heavily resculpted Reaver Titan, built for a client specifically to use in the Adepticon Titan battle this year (although, it was more of an excuse to!). At the time back when I built the Titan, I shared my ideas for something cherub-like, as well as the notion of a character Titan, and he gave me full artistic licence and freedom to make something unique.  It would be a complete surprise.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 10 - Adepticon Epilogue

On the road again...

Another year, another Adepticon!  Time to do the annual recap of the experience; there is quite a bit to go over.  This was the first year in many I did not play in anything (official) at all.  My plan was for once just go and spend time with as many people I know as possible.  I always enjoy a weekend of gaming, but in past years I have looked back on the way home and thought of all the people I did not get a chance to talk to in person.  So this year was different.

Friday, March 13, 2015

-= The Golden Throne =-

Gothic science fiction.  Say these words to anyone with an interest in Warhammer, and no matter how long ago, how fleeting that interest was you will undoubtedly conjure from the subconscious an image of a pointed arch surrounded by a baroque behemoth of a futuristic church, emphasis on the industrial.  Warhammer has taken this visual theme over the top so far, it is almost cliche to make light of it. It is it's own inside joke, Gothic for it's own sake.  Let's consider however the real genius behind the story of the Emperor. Examine that "Gothic" behind the "science fiction" and one can see the irony in the visual of the Gothic, being so excessive, overtaking the depth of the Emperor's tragedy. While we might think it frivolous, being so accustomed to waves of visual decoration, in reality the Imperium and the story of our entombed hero is Gothic in every sense of the word.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 9 - The End Times

Unfortunately no deep thoughts to stimulate the right brain today.  Just a quick update amid frenzied work - the Throne is about halfway finished.  It will be completed in time for the convention, but with three other projects to complete before next Tuesday final photography may not be up until afterwards.

However feel free to follow on social media as live updates of getting to and goings-on of the convention will surely be posted.  More details will be posted soon, time permitting.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 8 - Trial By Ordeal

"Thou art a subject of the divine, created in the image of man, by the masses, for the masses." Spoken by a tinny speaker and plexiglass screen of god in THX 1138.  The image of the creator in science fiction is usually a technologically overgrown and encrusted version of the 17th century, both visually and liturgically.  A grand empire is a common theme, held together by a massive character often with two sides to one coin.  In THX it is an image of god, stylized and classical, but behind the curtain a mass of wires and reels of tape with canned responses (perfectly timed by Lucas) to only be less than awkward to these sedated people. In Warhammer, the image of the Emperor for the people, is a massive effigy of the Emperor surrounded by a grand palace.  While behind the scenes only a very select few, or perhaps only the Emperor himself know the dark truth, and keep the last masses of his cells alive.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Building the Golden Throne part 7 - Salvation and Doom

I was first introduced to Gothic architecture at around the same time as miniatures.  In High School I was part of a class "knowledge bowl." Sort of a spelling bee but for facts.  I joined the Gothic section, which was the arts offering, and began to memorize different architectural elements of different cathedrals.  What ended up being more fascinating however, and would always slowly take my attention away, was the visual message and the "why" behind them more than the "how."  I have over the years expanded upon that, and also come to understand something - these buildings are very much taken for granted.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 6 - Good Dramatic Bullshit

"Good dramatic bullshit" - Ridley Scott

I hesitate to use the phrase just as Mr. Scott did in the interview I have seen so many times over the years.  He didn't mean to make light of the work or thought put into the visual work of his legendary 1984 Apple commercial, he was simply commenting on the process.  His reluctance was from an understanding that an average practical mind would want to understand how things work.

If you take any of my loves and influences - assemblage art, science fiction model making, creature effects - the truth is that there is much more fretting over the look than practicality.  Many people over the years have taken the famous Star Wars lightsaber and Millenium Falcon and tried to back-engineer them with their imagination.  It is a true testament to the intricacy of these models that it can be done, but there wasn't as much a question of "how would this work?" when making a model as a statement of "this looks good visually, and it could work."

This has been true through all the great science fiction movies of the past, from Metropolis to the new Star Trek; good design is a mix of aesthetic and a great deal of skill in improvisation. The answer to the question of "what does this hose on the Millenium Falcon do?" might sadden a professional Engineer, but it doesn't stop his imagination from creating it's own story, and that is the essence of"good dramatic bullshit."

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 5 - Imperatores In Memoria

"For famous men have the whole earth as their memorial." -Pericles

There is a good bit of existing background on the Throne, but luckily for me a lot of room for creativity.  Not only in the aesthetic, but also the story.  I will save a lot of my writing on the background of this for when it is finished, but for the time being I will say I have always believed the Imperium is an alternate reality where military, technology, science and religion veer off last century or this one, where some horrible fascist regime wins one of the two World Wars, or another in this alternate near future.  This should for now explain all visual references and themes, and in the literal sense I see the "crown" of the throne being particular very important memorials from the surface that have been recovered.  Very important people in the lineage of the Emperor that he would want to keep and would be seen as relics by those who important enough to lay eyes on the throne.  Sort of a family tree if you will, honoring the people who laid the building blocks for the Imperium.  

Anyway, enjoy the images for today.  Scale is roughly 1 meter wide (same as the throne) and a couple feet high.  Watch for Waldo, for scale. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 4 - Big Things Have Small Beginnings

"I have never yet heard or seen anything serious that was not ridiculous" - Horace Walpole

Mr. Walpole is a comrade of taste and method in a different time and place to me.  The first true Gothic author, he would often live and create in an obsessive way, for the sake of it wanting to exist, for a need to create and a want to see something in reality.  Walpole had a taste for different and extreme; many of his creations were grand not only in skill and method, but size and scope, for sake of size and scope.

"I sat down and began to write, without knowing in the least what I intended to say or relate."

Much like Walpole at his desk improvising the first novel in the Gothic sense, I sit in my own Strawberry Hill, a secluded place not of traditional function but re-purposed to my own enjoyment and pursuits, filled with my own creations and dreams. Late into the night planning and throwing a million ideas to the wall and waking up to see what has stuck.  A Gothic structure in the architectural, in the literary method.

Some would look at Walpole and see an eccentric with poor and unconventional taste.  I see a man too confident and driven to care of anything but creation of things great in skill, and as importantly scope.

He was a based brother of the arts, and this project is dedicated to him.